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Sunday, April 14, 2019

EPIC Carnival Personas band launch 2019

EPIC presented What's your Persona at a nice new venue for a band launch, JC Baquet Hall.
I liked how the sections posed for their group shot at the front of the stage, not the back. This worked quite well for photographs. We all know those back of the stage shots aren't the best for lighting. Bands, you want your costumes to be seen in the best light, right? So other bands, take note, staging is important! Great job from the models, although some could have taken more time center stage.

The presentation began at 12:20 with a violinist (who also modeled) playing along with some soca tunes, and it finished at 1:40.
Some wonderful designs in the 11 sections, including the cute first costume to come out on stage.  Love the tie up tube top and tie up waist band. Masqueraders have a lot to choose from.

The Artist

The Sage

My favourite, love both suits, the sheer shrug, floral headpiece and backpack. Very different, fabulously designed.

The Misfit

The Caregiver

The Explorer 

The Ruler

The Dreamer

The Hero

The Everyperson 

The Jester

The Magician 



Kryssy said...

Epic’s presentation gave me all kinds of The Lost Tribe (Trinidad Carnival) feels and vybez... (very Avant-garde)... with a mix of traditional pretty-mas elements. On to the tops:
-The Sage Section: I’m with you Kara. I really liked the bodywear. The section felt light and fairylike. And who doesn’t love a flower headpiece?!
-The Ruler Section: that wet, royal blue bodywear appealed to me. Especially loved the frontline and the monokini (Heyyyy to my fave Raesha!), and those good shoulder accents are very cool. This section really reflected it’s name. I liked it a lot.
-The Dreamer and the Jester sections: now these two sections could not be more different. Dreamer is delicate and light with the light pink and gold accents, while Jester is black and bold. I’ve really been into the pretty pastels this season and Dreamer checked the boxes there. The male costume also felt complete and resolved. Jester section: I liked all the costumes. The male costume for the theme to the tee. This section feels wicked and a little naughty... and I love it. LOL
-The Magician: I didn’t initially love this on video for some reason but then I looked at the pics and was able to see the details and fell in love. The details on the bodywear are really GOOD! Yummy even!!! I’m the queen of less is more but this is more is more done RIGHT!
Good job Epic!!

Karabana said...

Thank you Kryssy for your continued support, and taking the time to write such detailed comments about the launches. Much appreciated. :-D

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