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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Sunlime Mesmerize band launch 2019

Sunlime held their Mesmerize presentation at a new location for a band launch, the Latvian Centre. It was cozy not too large venue that worked well.  
MC Kevin Carrington was a breath of fresh air, with his engaging & enthusiastic energy, and most importantly, he didn't lecture us to respect de mas. 👏 Last weekend's launch was frankly annoying with the continuous repeating of that. 

I liked many of Sunlime's vibrant colour combos and costuming, starting with the first section to hit the stage. 

Toronto Carnival makeup artist Nikki D awarded Sunlime for their continued support of Nikki D Professional Makeup Artistry

Thank you for having Don there with us. 

1 comment:

Kryssy said...

Hopping right on to the faves.
-Magic Section: I wholeheartedly agree. The Magic section and it’s bright colors were a great way to kickoff the launch. I loved all the costumes in this section and I will never turn my eyes away from a male costume with hotpants. LOL! The gold chains on the bottom of the Uktra frontline costume give a little something extra and I’m here for it!!!
-Waterfalls section: just like with the red & yellow (ketchup & mustard) color combo... I tend to have a natural aversion to green costumes... with few exceptions. This section is one of those exceptions. I really like all the costumes in this section but the two ultra frontline costumes are really gorgeous. #1 with the fringe and that amazing headpiece is EVERYTHING! #2: the shape of the backpack and the sexy monokini... also really beautiful.
-Afiyah section: the backline monokini is the definition of less is more. First of all... the model was effortlessly sexy in her stage presentation. The black and yellow leg pieces were the right addition to the monokini. I really loved it. The bottoms on the midline section... are they nude mesh under the flower lattern? That was unexpected for sure!
-Tanatalize section: I’m guessing on the section name for the nude section with the bright colored accents. Love the color combo and I really appreciate the section offering different colors of nudes... because not everyone’s nude is tan. LOL. Brown girls can appreciate me on this.
SUNLIME continues to grow and improve with their presentations and this was a really good launch!

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