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Monday, April 22, 2019

Saldenah Carnival Heart Beat band launch 2019

Saldenah put on a full scale production with performances from a spin studio, Socaszie, and Iwer George. Vendors including Cloré were set up in the lobby, and food was for sale.  
The costume presentation began at 12:20, with a record number of 17 sections, and it wrapped up at 2:00. 
I've got to applaud the models and stage coaching, as they were well rehearsed and showed the costumes beautifully. I can't emphasize enough how much we appreciate the models who take their time posing and look like they are in love with the mas they're wearing. Thank you for your professionalism launch after launch after launch. 👏

HOWEVER: To the FMC: those attending launches are band supporters, we are there to see the costumes and consider what we'll buy. Remaining bands yet to launch please take note. Prattling on about not storming and buying a costume sets a negative tone to your masqueraders in attendance. It ruins your otherwise great presentation to continue to hear respect de mas. 

🔈 Change your message! 

📌 Masqueraders DO respect de mas! 

👍🏻 No preaching to the choir last year 

Thank you for displaying photos of Don Moreland in the media area for us. You were right there with us Don. 

How much fun would taking this class be! 

 I really must get myself to the Weston Road classes! 

Pow, the first costumes to hit the stage were strong! 

I was pleased to see this section posed like this center stage. 

Fabulously designed skirt, moved so well!

Favourite headpiece. 

This is the type of different detail I like to see! The back of leg pieces. 

Big, bold & beautiful design, and no feathers! 

"Yuh done know Ronny always have something new and cool the MAN dem actually want to wear" says Trini-in-Toronto.

These wings for the win! 

You see the smiles on those faces? THAT'S what you want to see in the crowd. 

And those are the types of cheers from the crowd you want to hear!  

Speaking of love, it starts with dazzling designs, but then it's in the hands of the models to bring it home. This group had the moves that got people to fall in love with their costumes. Job well done! 💯

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Kryssy said...

Saldenahhhhhh famalayyyyyy!!! Played with Sally in 2017 and hands down, was the greatest experience crossing the judging that I’ve had to-date. On to the tops:
-Divine Creatures Section: who doesn’t love butterflies?! I agree... great start to the show and another more IS more section. This section moved so beautifully and I know it will be beautiful to see on parade day.
-Rythmic Pulse Section: the frontline costume was my favorite. Loved the nude coloring with the red and gold accents. Very sexy costume.
-Mayhem Section: so beautiful. Definition of pretty mad. Everything about this section, colors, design, models and makeup was just PRETTY! Also loved how Teisha portrayed the frontline costume... very classy and elegant.
-Tabanca: Dr. Jay & Myana know how to bring the sexy and this David Dewer design is no exception. David is another designer that I absolutely LIVE for. The frontline backpack is a whole bunch of YES!!
-Mi Amor section: another neon standout. Loved the bodywear! Melinda and Omar really know how to design for the female form and the quality of their costumes is always top notch.
-Love Section: I have been looking for a gorgeous red costume for years, so when Saldenah announces their theme of Heartbeat... I was anticipating their launch and hoping to see one. This Designing Daryl design (one of my all time fave designers) under Melvin, Andy & Kurt was everything I hoped for. First... the presentation of this section on stage?! Yes Gawd!!!!! It will easily go down as one of my all-time favorite stage presentations. This section is sexy, and every costume is perfection. Def a fave of this launch season for me!

There’s def a lot of great costumes to choose from with this launch. Great job Saldenah!
Note: It was also great to see Veteran model Tereka slaying the stage as always in the Lushhh section. She is a vibe for sure!

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