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Monday, May 17, 2010

Fantasia International - Fashion Runway band launch

So here are some pics from Fantasia International band launch. Since I didn't go, I'm limited to just going by these pictures. I like the deep shade of purple & how both bras & waistbands are decorated. I'd want a fuller backline headpiece though. The light green & peach colour combo looks good, esp in the headpieces. The mohawk look headpiece is here again, and the orange frontline has a powerful one. I like the light green used, different.
We're also seeing a few Indian costumes this year. I like the skirt, very pretty material, & the golden headpiece. Not sure what's up with the blue corset winged one's headpiece, but I don't know the section names yet.


Partyanimal said...

Nice the colours of the Purple&yellow and the colours of the peach and green. I do think that most of their head pieces look similar to carnival nationz head pieces this year.

Partyanimal said...

Oh yeah and wtf im lost, I dont see "fashion runway". Maybe if I knew the names of the sections but as of now, im lost.f

i3itch said...

WOW.. Can't believe you say that there head piece look similar to Carnival Nationz. IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE, I THINK U NEED A BETTER LOOK.. There head pieces are REALLY DIFFERENT this year. I think u need a better and closer look at them.

Anonymous said...

Inside scoop: The frontline headpiece for the winged corset could not fit her smaller head. The larger frontline headpiece is on one of the other models. I think it was the lighter girl.

Love the costumes, especially the purple, green and peach, indian inspired and orange. I'm excited to play this year as I left for a trip last year on Caribana day!

Anonymous said...

i agree with party animal as i see the compasrison. The orange and green costume has a headpiece like dbirdie and the purple and yellow headpieces look like those of sasa yeah and saltfish

Carnival Divaz said...

I saw some of these costumes when the designers picked them up from the manufacture, and I am slightly disappointed. The colors on the costumes are absolutely stunning, but I feel like the headpieces darken the costumes. When you see these costumes up close espeically the bras and belts, you will be wowed. I like the designs of the headpieces, just wished that they wouldve used lighter and brighter feathers.

Anonymous said...

Hello People,
It is unfortunate that people who comment on costumes do not know the history of the bands and bandleaders that they are talking about or referring to. The band leader for this band was involved as a section leader in many of the "A" bands which have won "band of the year" with his input and influence. Know your history .. Band leaders look for inspiration in different ways and some find it necessary to back to others designs... no need to bash about it.. that is simply FACT!

Partyanimal said...

That is EXACTLY what i said anon 12:33. My friend and I were looking at it and we both said it at the same time. I'm not saying they copied nationz i am just saying SOME of their headpieces look similar. So maybe YOU should check carnival nationz website out and let the pictures speak for itself. Here www.carnivalnationz.com

Karabana said...

Some people do know the history of the bands and bandleaders. But what does that comment imply anyway, that a leader who was with Saldenah when they won Band of the Year shouldn't be subject to constructive critiques about his designs?
(I've not read any bashing.)

"...and some find it necessary to back to others designs"
It's a fact that they go back to other designs?

i3itch said...

Partyanimal and Anonymous, you really don't know your history about these head piece. Fantazia came out with those head piece last year, the orange and green one. Also there is a secret about the Sasa head piece. It was not designed by that "BAND LEADER".. So don't bash if you don't got the info.

Partyanimal said...

First, i3itch as I said before " I am not saying Fantazia copied nationz headpiece design, I just see similarities." I have been playing Caribana for 17 years and I'm 21 years old, so I have been play almost my whole life. But since I do not know my history, would you care to share? Last year they had these headpieces? I didnt see that, maybe you mean the year before, I'm pretty sure they designed the animal section in 2008. but still they do not look as similar as sasa does. Lastly and most importantly would you mind if I ask you what the sasa sectret is, are you going to tell me that the person designed both costumes??? I am playing in the sasa yeah section this year, so I really want to know. PS. maybe if you told me "the history" before instead of telling me to get a better look, we would not be in the predicament.

i3itch said...

The Sasa head piece was not designed by the Band leader. Yes they did have the head piece in 2008 in the animal section n had it again for a section last year too.. Go on the website.

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