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Sunday, May 16, 2010

TruDynasty band launch - Fever what makes you Hot

Dazzled in Diamonds

So Trini-in-Toronto wrote this while eating a bake and shark while I uploaded the pictures and enjoyed some corn soup.
When Trini-in-Toronto heard that a brand new band had booked a venue as large as Embers for their first launch, he thought it was pretty ambitious. But after the launch, we can both see that these guys mean business. The costumes were top notch, you could easily take these designs and place them into any one of our top Toronto bands and they would hold their own.
One of the things that stood out was the variety of options available to masqueraders of all sizes or degrees of modesty. If you want to go as bare as you dare, they will hook you up with a thong and beads which won’t even attempt to disguise your choice. However, in the same section, you can get a corset and some feathers in the back to cover your butt. We think this is going to go over well, the designers have managed to provide some coverage while still keeping it sexy.
More than one person we spoke to commented that this band is gunning to win their class and make their way into Class A in one year. It's not an easy task, but we’ve seen it before, and we think they could have a shot. Another friend & I were puzzled about the quiet crowd, & we wondered about that, if it was because of the 2 hr. delay in starting.


Blazin' Fire
Is it Lust or Love

I Love Money

Rays of Sunshine

The headpieces are strong, among the best out there. Some bras and panties are La Vie En Rose, good job. For me, I was drawn to Rays of Sunshine, it's a powerful colour that really stood out. Dazzled in Diamonds headpiece, which is a frontline section only, is simply stunning. I was right about most of my colour guesses, but am kind of surprised there was no red costume, being a fever hot theme.
Great showing Thea & Dario!


Unknown said...

Thanks sooo much for being a part of such a special moment for us. We had a wonderful time and are glad you did as well.
Keep in touch!


Tara said...

Not bad, not bad at all. I like the costumes! Dazzle in Diamonds being my favourite. I really like the Caliente costume too and they are beautiful colours blended nicely together. My one criticism would be when I think Caliente I think hot, bright and vivid. The colours used are beautiful but not "caliente" to me - but I still think its a georgeous costume and thats what matters to most mas players.

I see consistency between the sections - this is likely due to coordination between the designers or perhaps only one designer for all 6 sections. This is rare in a BIG category A band because they have 10-14 sections and as many designers so sometimes while each costume fits the theme when you put them all together on the road they dont always mesh well... If they do make it to being a big band one day then I hope they keep that originality and consistency alive!

If I see a true dynasty costume on the road I will be able to tell which band they belong too (matching arm and leg bands). Very good job. I think they have a very good shot at taking the crown in their category.

Carnivalcocoa said...

Kara, I absolutley agree with you on the options point. Everything looks sexy, not frumpy. I think it's very smart of Tru Dynasty to provide many coverage options while still keeping it sexy. The costumes also look very well-crafted. Well done.

Breezy said...

These are nice! My sister and I are Caribana virgins (Trini Carnival vets) and were looking to play with an established band, however this looks well put together and hopefully the experience will match!

Partyanimal said...

Costumes are sick! I was also at the launch. I really like Dazzled in diamonds, caliente, lust or love and rays of sunshine. Great job Thea and Dario

Anonymous said...


Thea and Dario have had designed for sold out sections 3 years running... They're well experienced! My first time playing with them was last year and it was sick! ... I'm glad the costumes are so hot this year too!

Look fi mi in I love money down do di road!!

Anonymous said...

@ Breezy

ps: My first 2 years of 3 ... I played with Carnival Nations and the experience with TruDynasty was sooo much better (another reason why i'm playin with them again)..

TruDYNASTY Carnival said...

thanks for your wonderful comments. we look forward to seeing you all on the road this year. because we are a new band we have decided to put the extra effort to make your experience as memorable and comfortable as possible. We will offer costume delivery, fencing on the road, added security AND port-a-potties on the truck for our masqueraders (we all know it's hard as hell to use the washroom mid route no matter what number you are in the parade).

The camp opens this Friday afternoon. 289 Bridgeland Rd unit 107. Right across from yorkdale mall.

All basic costumes are $150


Anonymous said...

Lust or Love is so pretty..absolutely love the corset top..very sexy with coverage. Loving all the costumes..would have thought red for caliente but hey sometimes a change is nice right.
Oh and it's nice to see a camp keeping the prices fairly reasonable..I dunno what Carnival Nationz and some other camps are thinking..paying more for less? no thank you!

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