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Monday, May 17, 2010

Hamilton is BACK !!!!!!!

Happy days are here again!!!!

I've been hearing rumors for weeks but didn't want to say anything, lest is just ole talk. This is the first thing I've come across in writing, so here it is.

This actually raises more questions than it answers, like:

When is it?, Is it the same day as the new Brampton Carnival? Are they going to switch the dates so we can play mas every weekend for a month (Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie and Brampton)? If anyone is interested, that's my preference.
If anyone knows any of these answers or wants to share more info, please do so.

Anyway, bottom line is Hamilton Carnival is back, ....... Yeah baby!!!!!!


TriniRose said...

Forgot about Brampton!!! Hamilton is seeing me, I'll be skipping work to be there. After 2008 wash out and last year cancellation. I love Hamilton Carnival. also give me a chance to play my costume again and getting my money worth. (I'm playing Nationz, Congo Man Frontline).

SOO HAPPY FOR HAMILTON CARNIVAL, YEAAHHHHHH! Love the limin' afterward in the park. hope God bless us with a beauiful day.

buublenut said...

I will be happy if the Carnivals stretch over a mnth!! It means I will be able to reach at least one =)

Trini-in-Toronto said...

TriniRose, I also want a nice day becuase I want the organizers to be make money, but I wouldn't call 2008 a wash out, I had REAL FUN jumping up in the rain. I know the park activities got rained out though.

Karabana said...

Oh I will of course happily return to my favourite, Hamilton. I'm really looking forward to it, miseed it so much last year!!!
In '08 the rain ruined it for the vendors waiting in the park, they made no money. But it started just as we reached, so it wasn't ruined for the masqueraders. But from my experience, the park's not where it's at anyway, the parade itself is the fun. Once you reach the park, it's kinda anticlimactic, not much really happening.

Now Barrie on the other hand has a good ending at their beach front.

I worry that Brampton will even happen though since it's also on Aug. 7.

Congo Man frontline eh TriniRose?, nice, that backpack is killer!

If you reach one, I figure it'll be Barrie buublenut! :-)

Tara said...

YAY ... I'll be in hamilton for sure even if i need my cane after caribana (inside joke for those that know me). LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy, it's about time something good happened to this crap city! I'm also totally going to be there sporting my drunk and disorderly costume.

Anonymous said...

Oh for those Hamiltonians wishing to play mas with their city band, there is no Hamilton band this year and I don't know if there will be any for a long time. All the bands they are having are all coming from Toronto.

I spoke to the hamilton mas leaders myself.

Anonymous said...

Thursday August 5th, 2 days before Hamilton mas and the people in Hamilton don't know anything about it. There have been no advertisements in local newspaper, no notification of parade routes or road closures. Those asked to participate have heard nothing.....don't think it is happening this year folks.

Karabana said...


It's happening, their website is updated with the route, bands participating, etc.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the entertainers listed are not coming from Toronto as organizers have not responded to request for information. The City of Hamilton should be advertising this. The only thing they are advertising is Friends of Festival slated for this weekend also. Just make sure before you get on the bus, there really is a parade!

Karabana said...

Just spoke again with the organizer who said yes, the performers should be coming as scheduled, although he quit today, so there is def some bacchanal going on. Don't know at this time who's in charge now.

Anonymous said...

I am writing on behalf of one of the bands that was slated to perform this weekend. We have left numerous messages trying to get information about the event and our calls have not been returned. With one day left before the event and no word as to scheduled times to perform, location etc, we decided to no longer pursue this. We have spoken to some of the other scheduled entertainers and they are all saying the same thing. The organizers are not returning calls. Please confirm this event is happening before putting on your costume tomorrow. Real bacchanal people.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Which band? We have heard confirmation from Saldenah, Tribal Knights, Nationz, Revellers, and Mas Toronto that they are going for sure. As far as the entertainment at the park, I have heard from one performer, and they are coming. But I am a masquerader, and my band will have a music truck, and I will have drinks, so really, that's all I need to l know.
We have the name of who's in charge now, but the parade's happening, so that's all that matters.
Also, you are posting all your comments into a post that was made back in May, so nobody is reading them (except us, the contributors). There is a current Hamilton post you could be commenting on.

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