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Friday, May 07, 2010

TruDynasty Preview

Hi Folks,
We got an e-mail linking to these pics from a well wisher of the band. We had seen them posted on other blogs, so we didn't put them up again, but the costume looks real nice, so here they are in case you missed them.

TruDynasty is launching on May 15.

Here is their website


Anonymous said...

looks like they are coming strong. will be interesting to see the rest of the band!

Tarz said...

one of the nicest yellow costumes I have seen

but i dislike the crisscrossed straps around the stomach.

Is this a category A or B band?

Lexx said...

Tru Dynasty??? Who is this? That costume looks pretty good though.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

They are a new band, they were designers of a couple sections in Saldenah last year (Crave Mas) The red and black one with the beads (fantacy in jewels I think it was called and pacific paradise) The red one was real nice. As they are a new band, they start off in Category C.

Anonymous said...

I think they should change they way they run the parade the should let a category A go first then B then C and repeat until all bands get on the road. I mean why put all the Big bands in front i never understood that - size is clearly not the reason because they end up in traffic jams on the road. Maybe if they mixed it up it would avoid that and people wouldnt be drawn to play in only the big bands because they are the top 8 in position. mix it up. would help attract #s to the smaller bands to give them the momentum to become a category A one day.

Trini-in-Toronto said...

I think you have an interesting idea, but you would be hard pressed to convince the bands who have clawed their way to the top through many years of work, to allow a newcomer to take a spot ahead of them. Some look at this as paying your dues, they started at the back and worked their way to the front. If you are innovative and make brilliant marketing moves and collaborations(like Nationz), you can pull this off in one year. For most other bands it takes a lot longer to work your way up to Class A.

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