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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Order of bands announced

This is the list of the bands in order of appearance, so anybody who was waiting, your wait is over, go and register quick, before your section sell out for real.......

1. Toronto Revellers
2. Mas Toronto
3. Saldenah Mas-K Club
4. Tribal Knights
5. Callaloo
6. Carnival Nationz
7. Connections
8. Black Sage
9. Mas Players Int'l
10. Fantazia Int'l
11. Pleasure Players
12. Guycan
13. Tru Dynasty Carnival
14. Genesis Carnival


TriniRose said...

For Toronto Revellers to be #1, just for the fact of Machel Montano being on the road with them.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! 3rd!
It's now official.

mass#1fan said...

I am playing with CNZ...not sure I like our position ...but ahh well.. But when i think about it at least we get to spend more time on the Rd.. but revellers #1 ....whoa...with Machel...they are gonna fly down the lake shore I never liked being in a band when they are in the first position. I think the best numbers to have are between 3-5. You dont have to leave too early and you get enough time on the rd but not too much because of all the bands in front of you, but that is just my opnion.
In any case now that all of that is over with I am even more excited...now you got your costume and you know what # on the rd lets talk aboutthe important stuff...Accessorizing..lol. shoes, make up,jewel's..etc..etc.:)

Anonymous said...

Watch out Ronni,your papa may also place 3rd.CNZ all the way AGAIN.

Anonymous said...

If Revellers does fly out of the gate, than maybe we have a change of getting most of the bands through at a decent time.
Lets hope Machel is an early riser.

Partyanimal said...

At first I thought 6 was a bad number but, cnz was 5 last year. There is not really a big difference. So ill stick wit Nationz!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I'm going down 3rd! That is the perfect position. Cnz 6th position doesn't sound bad until u realize that ALL the big bands are before you! Have fun gettin outta de gate.

Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO glad that Machel is going down with Revellers 1st!! Because all the limers not in costume, will not be there early to jam up the works for the rest of the bands. I'm with Saldenah and we're going 3rd. Great position.

Anonymous said...

trust we not letting the other so called big bands who are only 2/3 the size of us to stop us from chipping. they save the best for last :)

Anonymous said...

Love the fact that T.K is #4!!!

Btw, how come you didn't do a review for Callaloo's band launch??

Ronny said...

LOL. Nationz Wins, Saldenah Wins. Same thing....

Anonymous said...

hey wat happend to De Frietas band? Or Tribe Toronto?

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