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Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sparrow d'Legend - Carnival Nationz 2010 band launch

Align CenterJean and Dinah
LizardDrunk & Disorderly
Royal Jail

Align Center

Congo Man

Sa Sa Yea


Sexy MarajhinD'Birdie
Obeah Wedding

Big Bamboo

My faves are definitely the beads & colour of Drunk & Disorderly, Congo Man colours & backpack, D'Birdie's colours, the collar, headpiece & wrist to ring piece in Sexy Marijin, Royal Jail and Saltfish fl headpiece and Jean and Dinah and Lizard headpieces. Royal Jail and Jane: HOLY nekkid!! Saltfish may be a "dull" grey rather than shiny silver, but I feel it represents what it is well, esp with those scales.
I guessed 7 out of 12 sections correctly, not bad! lol! Some of the other sections are a take on his famous innenudo, too good.
Ok, more later, off to sleep...!!!!


CNZmassfan said...

I must say I was impressed. Very good presenation of there theme. All the costumes look different from each other and the diversity is great. Very rare do u see this. I have a few favs but I will either be doing D'birdie or Sasa-yea (frontline).Karabana u are always on point, u did say we were gonna see lots or reds and golds and so we did. It will be intresting to hear what people think. CNZ all the way :)

Carnival Divaz said...

I loooovvvvveeee Drunk and Disorderly and Jane front line (will order a full headpiece) by the time registration opens for new people all of the good section will be sold out.

Partyanimal said...

I Love Birdie,Drunk n disorderly,Bamboo,sasa yeh, d'lizard and Jean n lina. I think Royal jail is OK but would look better if it had an actual waist piece. I dont really like Marajin and Obeah wedding. But overall I do love CNz and their 2010 presentation. Does anyone know which section leader belongs to which section? I have a feeling birdie is Denises

shelby B said...

I was really disappointed at the Carnival nationz launch last night what were the thinking no beads just catering for a specfic body type maybe 3 or 4 nice sections some costumes looked like last years the worst was sexy marajin obeah woman and oh gosh that grey costume i forget the name not even the headpeice beautiful feathers could save that one!!! this was not my $15 parking or my $20 admission really dissapointing but i really liked drunk and disorderly but i bet new mmbers can't even get into that section lawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!

D'Berdie said...

I must say that I was disappointed with the band launch last night. I expected a lot more from CNZ. A few of their costumes looked extremely cheap, the bra's has no detail just some big stones glued on..looks like a child's kinder garden art project. I'm paying money to play mas I expect something better than that. And what's up with Salt Fish?? they should just revamp that section or cancel it. After their costumes last year looked like every attention to detail was looked after, this year is not very impressive. Bands should be getting better every year! It's sad to say but I don't think these costumes have CNZ keep the band of the year title. We'll see. Hopefully they add some more pizzaz to the actual costumes.

Unknown said...

In agreement with D'Berdie.

However, IF I am to partake of Caribana with CNZ, I saw only two prospects, D' Birdie and D' Congoman

I wonder what Toronto Revellers will bring. Their launch is May 8. Waits to see.

Denise said...

I guess carnival nationz expects masquerders too just take anything they offer!!!! they are not getting my money this year and i was a die hard member they did not do our LEGEND THE MIGHTY SPARROW ANY JUSTICE Marcus nah this was not up too standard!!!!! i don't know what else to say words fail and i have a big mouth

Anonymous said...

Hmm... I have to agree with D’Berdie. These costumes look like the same “made in China fall-apart” stuff from last year with lots of big gems and skimpy belts ...or none at all. It would be nice if I could buy a costume that looks like it’s worth all the cash I’m paying for it. Not all were bad, I do like Drunk and Disorderly’s head piece, although it looks like the front line and not regular. Also D’Birdie looks unique and has a nice color combination. I think I will wait and see what the other big bands have to bring before I make a choice.

Unknown said...

Karabana, I like that CNz went with a different theme this year. It's tough trying to portray song titles with costumes, but I think they did a pretty good job.

You can't make everyone happy so there will be people who don't like the presentation at all as seen from some of the comments. And that's cool. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

As someone who has played mas with CNz for the past 5 years, I've discovered that what you see on the stage is only a sample of what's available. Many of the sections offer boyshorts, tankinis and sometimes even bustiers if you ask for them. So don't be daunted by the "nudity" of some of the sections. Although there is no room for error with Royal Jail!

My favorites are Drunk & Disorderly and Jean & Dinah. Saltfish is going to be tough to carry off and make look good...especialy if it's an overcast day. It's a dull color. Obeah Wedding...yuck! Those strips of cloth on the belt make it look cheap. D'Birdie has Denise written all over it. Don't know if it's her section but wouldn't be surprised if it is. And I have to say that I'm disappointed with Sexy Marajhin...I was hoping for something more. Not sure what...but that's not it.

All in all, I think the costumes looked good and are very creative. Believe me....we've all seen worse from other band leaders! I disagree that they look like last year's. Not at all.

I'm looking forward to jumping up with CNz this year once again. CNz all the way!

Melanie said...

When I saw the first picture, I thought I was looking at a 'Band B' launch. I expected way more creativity from this band. I thought the previous years were more outstanding. Carnival Nationz always has a certain 'look' & the costumes always stand out on the road. Overall, there is nothing distinctive in the presentation.

The color choices/combinations are weak.
Pink/purple - Jean & Dinah - Similar to Revellers costume from 09
Green - Lizard - Not detailed enough. Poor choice of green.
Magenta - Drunk & Disorderly - Weak color. Frontline looks decent (from afar)...similar to Nationz 'Lychee'.
Orange - Royal Jail - A weaker version of Nationz' Aphrodisiacs.
Silver - Saltfish - Aluminum foil?
Gold/red - Congo Man - Interesting but weak.
Turquoise - Sa Sa Yea - Looks decent up close (due to the camera flash). Needs more detail.
Black - Jane - Dull.
Red - Sexy Marajhin - Typical 'Indian' styled costume.
Aqua blue - D'Birdie - Similar to Nationz' 'Morning Glory' (howeverm Morning Glory was better). Interesting color choice.
Purple - Obeah Wedding - The huge details/fabric pieces are not flattering.
White/Metallic - Big Bamboo - Weak.

I wanted to play with Nationz this year & I am very disappointed. I will not be playing with them. I hope the Revellers come out with a great presentation. What happened Nationz? This does not look like a #1 Band.

browneyeztrini said...

D'Birdie is definitely Denise's section. Congo Man, Saltfish and Obeah Wedding are Dwayne's sections. That's all I know for sure.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed, love how they use the wire bra. Sexy costumes. My absolute favorite is the Congo Man frontline, I love pheasant feathers.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what position they are in?

Tammy said...

Seems like a lot of hating on Nationz for what reason...who knows. If you don't want to play with nationz fine go play in a next band there are many out there for you to choose from its your money.

I WILL be palancing with nationz after the horror show I experienced in Revellers last year!!!

@Browneyez-D'Birdie is NOT Denise's section she is not bringing a sectin this year and this is fact! Dwaynes sections are Saltfish, Obeah and Royal Jail.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have been told Denise is not bringing a section this year but did help with the design of Birdie which may be why its reminiscent of her style. IMO it looks like Morning Glory and Secret Garden had a baby. And let me clearly say that despite that I DO like it. Very cute and will grab a fair amount of attention on the road.

Congo Man is Jeanine/Bryce section.

The costumes look better in person than the photos IMO.

s.cool said...

D'Birdie is Hayden's section.

Anyway, I really don't think the costumes are as bad as everyone's making them seem! I feel CNz did an EXCELLENT job displaying the themes in the costumes, instead of the other way around. Each section's titles and costumes fit.

I'm torn between D'Birdie, Jean & Dinah and Congo Man !!! I guess I'm just going to have to wait until registration day to examine all the costumes up close and personal.

The only "negative" I must say I've noticed is a striking similarity to a few of their costumes from 2008's "Pirates" theme:

Royal Jail = Sextant Horizon
Jane = Calico Jack & His Lover Bonnie
Sexy Marajhin = Captain Morgan's Wenches

Oh well, I know I'll be playing with CNz regardless lol.

Carnivalcocoa said...

I think the costumes are decent. But I prefer last year's costumes so I can understand why some people were disappointed.

My absolute fave is Drunk and Disorderly -- that one is hawwwt. Just fire! D Birdie is pretty. I like Saltfish's hanging headpiece and it makes sense for the fish motif.
Sexy marajihn is a let down except for that scandalous cage bra. To those divas daring to rock that bra I say go brave.

Karabana said...

See I don't think a saltfish should be "cutesy", that's why I think the costume works. I mean that fl mohawkish headpiece & the tail? - creatively appropriate. Some ppl complain about the lack of imaginative originality w bikini mas, how it's all just beads & feathers - but look what happens when a designer tries to give something a l'il different, not the usual sparkly ultra feminine bikini.
Ppl aren't easy on designers. They must have thick skin to do this, & know they can't please 'em all.

socahead said...

Kara I agree with you 100%. I think CNZ did a good job this year. Why would people want them to add glitz & glam to *Saltfish* that would not be an apporpriate portrayal of that. Has anyone not seen what saltfish looks like in a package when it is bought.
They actually glammed it up in my opnion :).
I am not downing anyone's opinions..because they all count. But CNZ does exactly what everyone asks for... ORIGINALITY..and they are the only ones that does it. Yes some colours are gonna be similar or the same to other years ...however...people come on there are only so many colours in the Rainbow..lol..lol.
So it is imposible not to have the same colours come up over and over especially the ones that can really bring out the cotume and that are popular to masqueraders.And believe me that really matters to them because that is the only way they will sell.
I will agree that this is not their best year, but I think it is the best based on the theme that they have. I also agree with CNZmass fan..that all the sections look different from each other which means on the road they are gonna rock and you will be able to tell it is CNZ out of all the other bands.
I will be playing in D'Berdie..if not sold out before i get it. CNZ will win 2010Band of the year...but that is just my opnion. :)

Anonymous said...

I think CNz did a pretty good job. It's hard when you have different designers. Some costumes are bound to be better than others. I have heard so many horror stories about Nationz and their customer service as well as other big bands. Roaming around on FB I saw a sneak peak of a new band Tru Dynasty. I love it!!! I'm sorry but I might have to take a chance with a new band. I know their designer did dr. jay's red section last year. you never know....I'm gonna wait and see.

Tammy said...

s.cool D'Birdie is NOT Hayden's section....

to the rest of you hating on Saltfish....its not so bad. Just needs some tomato, onion, green onion and oil to make Buljol!!!!!!! Just cool it on Saltfish.

maria said...

Oops my post went somewhere else...anyways maybe Carnival nationz lost their mojo this year.

I am looking forward to Saldenah's launch this Saturday.

I played with Saldenah last year and had a great time so based on the other launching I have seen so far, I think it may be saldenah for me again this year.....let's see how the launching turns out....

Trini-in-Toronto said...

Allyuh, repeat after me.... ALL Saltfish SWEEEET!!!!!
And if you don't like it you can kiss his Grenadian backside;)

maria said...

he he he, I like the post from Tammy about the buljol...lol.

Lots of work go into making the costumes so I won't criticise too much....but looking forward to Saldenah's launch this sat before I decide where to play.

I hear Dr. Jay is playing for Saldenah too...nice!!!

Carnivalcocoa said...

Oh gad oh Trini-in-Toronto, yuh making me weak with that one!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be no more guessing on which section belongs to which section leader... the info you seek is now on nationz website!

Birdie is Al and Brandt's section (they did poison ivy last year in the fruits and flower) Denise also helped with the design.

I have to commend the band on being on time this year with updating the website! Also did you hear they are doing online registrations and costume delivery service... I love it!!! Looks like they are truly trying to enhance the experience for the masqueraders!

the one and only said...

Sorry but I have to say I played in the red section True Dynasty (THEA) design for dr jay last year and I will be the first to say I am happy she is not wite Saldenah this year. I was in a line from 1:30pm to around 2:50pm just so I can pick up my costume when it was all seed and done the belt did't fit the beads and stones started to fall off I spent a next 35 min trying to get (THEA) to help me wite my costume well that did't happen I got so mad i left the camp when I got home I try on my costume then I realize that this costume is worst than i look so I went back and then i realize that I was not alone the line for the repair was long there was so much girls looking for help to fix their costume at one time the line for the repair was as long as the line for people who was picking up I can go on and on wite all the horror stores let's just say I was very very disappointed after I spend so much money on that kiss my ass costume...the only reason I mite be going back to play wite Saldenah this year cause THEA is goin and the blue and orange section leader help me fix my costume he was very sweet he did't have to help but he did sorry I don't know his name so I mite play wite him well we will see what his costume look like this year o dose any one know his name. P.S and a new band start at the back number 16th that is 15 bands in front of them too late for me

browneyeztrini said...

Sorry, I confused Congo and Royal Jail.

I agree with Anonymous that D'Birdie looks like "Morning Glory and Secret Garden had a baby".

For theme originality, CNz could win hands down. But for costumes, I'm not so sure. Don't get me wrong, I'm a supporter and always play with them. But I've loved costumes in past years more than this presentation and they haven't won.

Anonymous said...

Through reading these comments I realized everyone here doesn't really know anything about mas in Toronto. If you didn't already know most costumes worn from the big mas bands are ordered from either India or China. Carnival Nationz would never need to copy another mas band. Thats why they are willing to be one of the first bands to present while everyone else waits back to see what they can copy!

On the topic of originality, that was lost about ten years ago in toronto because people weren't not interested in wearing costumes that were inventive or different all they wanted was big feather, skimpy body suits and beads so the bands who were interested in pushing a particular theme all the way through were kicked out of the parade or forced to assimulate.

Atleast the theme CNz has this year has never been done before unlike all the other bands. For example Toronto Revellers and their theme of Disco. Hmm I wonder how much thought was put into that. Anyway he over charges for his pathetic costumes that fall a part. I guess some people are stupid enough to practically give him there money for free.

Anyways CNz has the largest following in toronto...so all you people who don't want to come back more room for people who want to join Nationz to have a hype time on the road.

Anonymous said...

"Through reading these comments I realized everyone here doesn't really know anything about mas in Toronto"

Its a bit unfair to generalize. We're all on this blog because of a common interest we love all things related to mas - regardless of the band, costume, theme, music, parade, designer, performers, etc we have that in common - so lets no go belittling or berating "EVERYONE HERE".

There are more effective ways to educate people and get your message across if you feel the blog members are uniformed. That is the purpose of this blog to share experiences, comments, etc.

Sorry I just had to put that out there.

the one and only said...

So what you are saying Carnival Nationz dosnot copy mas but the rest of band do ok then tell me what this is go to TRIBE and chick out the section call Serica and then look at Nationz Congo Man and then tell me what you think.

Karabana said...

Big bands would beg to differ that most of their costumes from are from India or China.

I can get lamenting the loss of traditional mas over a decade ago to body suits & then eventually bikini mas. Like I started this season by saying, we're talking bikini mas here, which can be limiting... but good designers can challenge themselves to incorporate some originality & even be inventive.

Masqueraders know what they are given. You know, most haven't even experienced real traditional mas. All they know is bikini mas. Since bikinis are our "costumes", that's what we have to work with, & to comment about. They can certainly express their likes/dislikes and share their opinions about whether they feel the theme is well represented.

So I strongly disagree that everyone here doesn't really know anything about mas in Toronto.

CNZmassfan said...

I went to regisger today with CNZ it was crazy. But i got the one i wanted.. however for all those wanting D'biride it is SOLD OUT... it was like that before everyone in the line even got it and you should have seen the line for that...In any case the costumes look way better in person trust me..ALso Obeah wedding was not up because it is being revamped..
Also Saltfish looks differnt that the pictures so believe me when i say...CNZ is listening to people. ALL i have to say is SASA Yeah....that is there i will be that front line is SICK ...you have to see it close up.

s.cool said...

Just left the mas camp. D'Birdie is sold out.

I'm not one to "boycott", BUT I must say I was VERY disappointed with their "loyalty" registration process this year.

I arrived at 4pm (registration started at 6pm), because I KNOW how the lines can get.

Last year, the registration went smoothly. The lines were actual single file lines, and they checked people's photo I.D.'S to verify they are indeed "loyalty" members who have played with them before.

Today the "line" resembled the Lakeshore, and "security" was picking and choosing who got to go in, regardless of who was there first. Although I was ready and waiting since 4pm, I didn't get in until just before 8. (I'm a very patient person, so it's not the wait that set me off.) What had set me off was the fact that they were NOT checking I.D's this year to verify if a person has indeed played with them before, and those same people were in line with STACKS of registration forms, registering their mothers, sisters, hairdressers, grandmothers and uncles. The girl in front on me LITERALLY registered 8 people, besides herself. And of course when it was my turn, they told me the D'Birdie section was sold out.

I am LIVID, and I will NOT be playing mas with Nationz again. And that's a damn shame.

Anonymous said...

i went to registe with nationz todai and it was a DISASTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR they were so unorganized. I was there from three thirty and there was onnli 15 people infront of me. They let us inside the buildin a bit earlier beacause it was raining outside and whe i looked uo there was about 150people infront of me. Like i no that some people may be saving a spot for thier friend but dnt save a spot for 8 people. Thats not fair for the people who were waiting for a long time. Then when they opened the door they were letting people who had arrived at 5 45 in first and there was wayyyyy to much pushing. Another thing was the registration line for dbirdie. There were people registering for 9 , 10 people. Thats not fair for the people who had one or 2 max. Carnival nations also had reps that did not know how to talk to people.. UGHH im so disappointed and upser. No nationz for me this year

Anonymous said...

I expect that anyone that wanted Birdie and didnt get it would be disappointed and rightfully so.

But I dont think people registering for other sections had any problems once they got past the lines from what I saw

It was the rush and LONG lines for Birdie that caused hiccups in the registration process. I like the fact they had only one line for them so it didnt affect people registering for other sections.

I left there at 11pm and nothing else was sold out but some were close (expect Jean and Dinah to go next I would say based on the #s). Pink FL is almost sold out.

The reason they didnt check IDs is because loyalty members are already in the computer with a file - so if there wasnt a file they should not have been allowed thru.

I do agree - i think that loyalty registration should be in person and one registration per person in future.

I know I shared that with Marcus. Perhaps call them and voice your concerns - at the end of the day they are running a business and they want people to come back and have good things to say.

Anonymous said...

Kara thanks for clearing that up...

"So I strongly disagree that everyone here doesn't really know anything about mas in Toronto."

Anonymous said...

Bikini & beads again, where has our costumes designers gone.From a judges point of view, I am yet to see your theme portrayal in a good 80% of your prototypes. Except for maybe "birdie"& "saltfish" show me the worlds greatest calypsonian in full flight and I will show you a smile of satisfaction on the face of the Icon you failed to represent. Guys lets make him proud!!! "YES YOU CAN"

Partyanimal said...

Registration was the worst. Firstly the line turned into a mob. The security said "oh we have to find a way to handle this for tomorrow." Secondly, I didn't like the fact that people were pushing; why push if you're not going to get through the doors? My friend got in at around 6:50 and she said she didn't get birdie because their was so much people registering for their friends and family. She also said one lady registered for ALL the frontlines.She also did not get birdie, and she is really upset because she was the 17th person inline at 4 but at 6 she was the 50th. On another note, I got in at 8:00 and the cash lines were CRAZY!!! So my crew and I will be palancing in "SASA Yeah"
PS. Always choose your first three costumes choices, don't only set your mind on one.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't even post last night, I was so livid... But even today, I'm still fuming by the fiasco of last night. Someone must take control and get a system up and running. The previous post before this one says it all. Loyalty member registration....yeah...bullshit! Those girls should have not been able to register anyone else but themselves. If their family member is oversease or can't make it for registration, then wait on Saturday when it opens up for everyone and then come register for 8 ppl at once. D'Birdie was my 1st choice and after waiting an hour in a room with disrespectful people and the door was nowhere closer to where I was, it was sold out. I litterally almost left after over an hour wait, but got in through other means, which is sad, cause I usually am a patient person and have respect for ppl in front of me, but when I see ppl push and shove and those who come in an hour after me and get in before me cause they are disrespectful, then my respect and patience goes out the door.

I love Nationz, and their costumes are fabulous!!! No matter whatever they say about silverfish, kudos to the one who came up with the design!!! But they really need to get control of their costumer services, such as registration and costume pick up. Last night was unacceptable and the worst registration I've been to. If costume pick up turns out to be the same fiasco, this will be my last year with Nationz, and yes it is a damn shame!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks Like Nationz Shouldnt of pushed out TRIBE Toronto. I would be first in line there.Nationz cpoying their styles and trying to be a band that they aren't.Learn from your comments..Ah playin Revellers for sure now after waiting in that line n didnt get my flikken costume. steupse.

Anonymous said...

jean and dinah (both colours back and front line) is now sold out as well

Front Line Sa Sa Yeah is sold out too

at 9pm last night they opened their online registration

Karabana said...

If non loyal members, regardless if family/friends, were permitted to register on loyalty days, then yes, that's simply not right. It's stated Wed. & Thurs. as loyalty registration only. To stick to what is advertised, Sat. is when everyone else should have registered & only Wed. & Thurs. should have been for loyalty members.

Anonymous said...

Seem like there are lots of designers in here and lot of organizers. In which country "security" able to control a mob or people. IF you want law enforcerment then are you willing to pay for it in your costume price say 250 for costume. I think not. As far as CNZ copying tribe and all that gimme a break. Tribe also have garbage costume anyone remember cow mas in tribe a couple years ago. If upset because you did not get into the birdie because of people registering other people I understand. However if your friend was doing the same thing for you then you will not be here all upset. I agree with one of the post earlier pick 3 costumes before u go to any registration. As every year the most popular one goes quickly be it secret garden, ship wreck, cotton candy to name a few. LESSON Learnt

Karabana said...

Potential masqueraders would have to pay for security at the band registration? Is that really what things have come to? tsk tsk

Cow mas wasn't a garbage costume. Just bc it didn't look like all the others, a bikini w feathers &/or beads doesn't make it garbage. It was actually one of the only ones in '07 that resembled the theme.

socahead said...

I agree with anonymous..I understand being upset because you didnt get your choice...but why blame that on the band??? The fact that you want it is because it is a good costume which means that they did a good enough job for you to stand in line for 3 hours or more but there is no gurantee because the 50 others that may have been infront on your wants the same one and maybe that is all they are making not 51...which means you out.

I was in line at 2:00 ...to narrow it down for you I was 4th in line. At about 5:30 or so the rain started falling instead of making us stand outside in the rain they graciously opened the door (they did not have too).That is where it all broke down. Because last year the line stayed single file beause there was one door ...so one way in and then another (different door) way in and one way out.

Now because everyone is all huddled up in one small area not wanting to be out in the rain the line was no longer single filed and was just a circle of anxious women wanting the costume of their choice..I am not gonna tell any lie I was one of the first people in there. By the time that I walked over to inspect the cosutume (birdie) then (sasa) and turmed back around there was a line for Birdie..and I am talking huge..It was in a matter of 3 or 4 mins. IT was not my choice so I did not care but I am telling you that has nothing to do with the band. Eventhough this is not my favourite set of costumes for CNZ i would be upset if I did not get my first choice yes..but I would not be mad at the band.

Also when i was in line if they enetered your name and it was not in the system the girl that taking my info was not accepting your registerations. She would then ask for what e-mail address you gave or try to match up at least an address if nothing showed she was not taking. I dont know if they all did that but she did. So i dont know how non loyalty memebers got in. Remember they tried the id thing 2 years ago when it was at the car delarship and that did not work..It was taking too long for people to get in and stuff you all still complained then.

Just goes to show there is only so much than can be done. It is not easy being them and that is just me putting a positive spin on the whole situation.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Karabana for reminding people what mas should be about....portraying the THEME! Has anyone else noticed the lack of effort in bringing the theme full circle on the part of Nationz this year?? It seems that they've finally reached the point where it's just about selling out the band without much regard for anything else. Like, if we're being real we can all acknowledge that "bikini & beads" is where things have been headed for a while now, but personally I've always appreciated the fact that although at the end of the day CNz gives you bikini mas, they always put in the extra effort creatively to sell their themes and tie it all back to their costumes. This year though, everything just seems to be about SELL SELL SELL...There is barely any mention of the theme on the website, there are no descriptions of the mas - nothing. I log on and all I see is register register, and this section is sold out, that section is sold out, etc... Where is the artistry this year?? What happened to this band??
I have always been a loyal Carnival Nations masquerader, but I have to say that the lack of attention to detail this year is thoroughly disappointing. Yes, the costumes are beautiful as always, but from a band that in the past seemed to strive to raise the bar creatively and set themselves apart from the other bands in more ways than just with pretty mas, I expect MUCH more!

Pressure Boom said...

@Karabana love this blog! I come daily just to see the updates..LMAOO

CNZ costumer service has always been horrible (trust me i know. I've played with them for 2 years). And i'm still trying to figure out why their costume prices went up ESPECIALLY since the gov't added a few more MILLION dollars to the Caribana budget!? On a positive note, CNZ does provide stunning costumes that are often very well made.

Gotta take the good with the bad sometimes I guess...

For instance, Revellers are known for having crappy costumes with the exception of like 1 to 3 sections however they provide an amazing carnival experience (MACHEL DOWN THE ROAD, free liquor, breakfast & lunch etc.)

See you all down di road! I'll be at the back in mi sexy Trudynasty costume!

@ karabana - check your yahoo email ;)

Anonymous said...

I kinda think LADIES pushing and shoving for costumes is absurd here. I dont expect CNz to have to deal with unruly clients.

What if a customer came to your place of business and PUSHED and SHOVED? What would you do I wonder...

Sorry I think masqueraders have to accept some of the blame here for creating that type of environment. just because you are paying for service doesnt mean you get the right to forget your manners and common courtesy.

Is a costume worth risking your safety??? People couldnt even leave safely through the doors because of the people in line who were pushing forward.

Yes CNz had computer problems and could have done better at managing the crowds - i think the people who lined up early were patient and it was pretty calm until it started to rain when they were kind enough to let everyone wait inside the lobby - thats when the disorganization started outside.

Anyway this is merely directed to the people that were pushing and registering multiple people. But i doubt those people are actually reading this blog anyway...

Karabana said...

For sure the pushing & shoving to get in & out of the rain is poor manners, & unfortunately typical behaviour in such lineups... something to remember for next year & have a backup plan for. LESSON learned.

So were loyalists able to register non loyal ppl?

CNz video presentation before the costumes was quite well done, with interviews of Soca & Calypso stars paying tribute to Sparrow. I felt it was good for the younger masqueraders who don't know who he is to hear about his history and tunes.
Pressure Boom, it's coming... :-)

Tarz said...

I dont understand all the comments that CNz missed the mark on portraying their theme? Look very closely at the costume and there are details in most that do represent the theme.

Birdie - mainly feathers compared to all their other costumes so I think this speaks for itself

Sexy Marajhin - indian themed song/indian bridal theme

Obea Wedding - kinda looks like witch craft to me

Saltfish - scales

Bamboo - bamboo colours and the male section has a bamboo stick

Congo man - looks tribal and fits the part to me with the colour scheme and check out the mens section!!!

Royal Jail - hand cuffs and chains

Lizard - green and a lizard shaped headpiece

jean and dinah - two different colour schemes and the style of the costume imitates the songs meaning

Some of the others Drunk and disorderly, Jane, Sa Sa Yeah well those are a bit harder to portray but they are all hot and sassy and i think that is what they were going for here.

So 9/12 clearly rep the songs they were named after. I dont get all the backlash if people really looked at the details and the total package.

Man you guys are tough critics! Wonder what the judges will think when CNz crosses the stage this year!!!

To me its more about the costumes than having big name artists with the band!

and yes I play with nationz and I have always gotten my first choice in costume because I know I need to LINE UP EARLY if I want the most popular sections.

Tara said...

@ Socahead ... very accurate description of events. My girlfriend was 2nd in line at 130 pm and the chain of events matches her account of Wed.

I was inside at 530 to help with measurements and forms. That Birdie line was 10 -15 people long before my friend who was 2nd in line even finished filling in her registration form with her sizes. These girls KNEW what they were there for and didnt waste any time deciding. They had one computer for birdie just so they could keep accurate count of the # of registrations.

By 630-645 the two section leaders from Birdie, Al and Brandt, started warning people in line they may not get in that section if they choose to wait in line they were doing so at their own risk and put up the sold out sign. It took them until 8pm to get thru the rush of birdie registrations. It didnt stop girls from continuing to join the line - so yeah there are probably a lot of unhappy girls but Al and Brandt were very clear with everyone.

The most FAQ i got was "are they going to be making more Birdie costumes" I had to break the bad news to them.

and for the record I am not in Birdie section. I chose Jean & Dinah Blue FL!!! And yes I pay the same amount as the rest of you I help the band each year because I like doing so I dont expect any freebies as I understand the amount of $ and time it takes to assemble each costume by hand. I Cant wait for Caribana and Miami. Anyone else in Jean and Dinah on here???

Anonymous said...

@ Kara - as far as I know they were in fact making sure they could find you in the computer before letting people register. But some people were registering for themselves and other loyalty members who were not there in person.

Anonymous said...

Well after much debate, I decided to go with Drunk and Disorderly. My first 3 choices, were Congo Man, Jane, and Big Bambo. But when I went there, I was shocked at how big the front line back piece was for Congo man, so being a short person I decided not to go with it cause I don't want to destroy the entire bottom half of it lol. Jane was really nice, I loved it, but I didn't like the headpiece. Big Bambo was also very nice, but I thought the color scheme was too similar to my last year costume, along with Congo Man. So I was stuck between Saltfish and Disorderly. I chose disorderly, there's something about those butt feathers lol. And well, I love purple, absolutely love purple. Only downside is that there is no front line for it, but the costume alone is awesome. Nationz it is for me this year.

Raeness said...

I am really impressed with this year's costumes. I think a lot of them stayed true to the theme. For example i could immediately tell some of the section names on seeing them (d'birdie, jean and dinah, royal jail, big bamboo, congo man, lizard, saltfish). Also for the first time in year's I could actually see myself in 10 out of the 12 costumes..in previous years it's been one or two.

This is also the easiest registration process i've ever experienced with them. Online registration is a Godsend. I was done under 5 mins and still got my first choice costume!! It also helps that I didn't go for one of the more popular ones. Can't wait to wear my sexy congo man costume :-)

Tarz said...

Drunk and Disorderly is now sold out!

That makes 4 sections full in one week or 1/3 of the band sold out! Not bad at all!

Tara said...

Here is a message from Bandit posted on Carnival Nationz Facebook Group today in response to complaints that NON-loyalty members had been able to register when registration opened on Wed & Thurs for loyalty members:

Dwayne Pitt
Hi there, we apologize for your disappointment. We are currently investigating this complaint made by a few. Normally we have a list of masquerader in our system and it is usually one registration per loyalty member unless the person they are registering is also in our system. Seems as though a few made it through the cracks (under 10 people). At this point there is not much we can do to rectify this problem. However we learn from this and will put something in place to deal with it properly next year.
Once again we apologize and hope to make it up in due time,

Sa Sa Yea said...

Thank GOD that I registered with CNZ, have u seen the pics from Toronto Revellers, Oh My that's what you call a royal mess, Saldenah isn't bad so is tribal knights (i think they stepped they game up a bit this year)i'm curious to see TruDynasty costumes, i think they may give CNz competition but ... i give the revellers points to trying to be original i guess if that's what they were going for ..but it didn't work...gosh Mr. Montano can't help the revellers, sa sa yea sa sa yea lol

Sammy said...

All I can say is Saldenah is HOT this year!!!

Sign me up Sally....

Drunkard said...

Every single section is a true representation of the theme in CNz. The designs are beautiful and the colour combinations together are amazing. The band will look hot.

I think if you were planning on registering with CNz you better go quickly as I am of the strong opinion that the band is close to selling out.

And if you are waiting to see what # the bands are coming down, I hear that we won't know that information for another couple of weeks. Doh Stick....Get in where yuh fit in.

Jasmine said...

CNZ is on POINT this year! theres not one that I don't like. I can't wait to play.

Anonymous said...

The point of the fact is that these designers work very at what they do, what us grown ass people need to stop doing is bashing peoples hard ass work because the truth is (you dont have the balls and skills to do what they do). I will be playing wit CNZ this year in the sweet maragine because I like the costume, because I know there is much more where that execution came from plus the desinger is pretty amazing he is what i call original because his masterpieces - and if you have a problem wit Carnival nationz im tellin you no matter where you go your if you as a group of grown ppl do not have any courtesy nor behavior them you will always be trated in certain ways- secondly if you have issues with the 2010 presentation thenn dont play wit CNZ it would be better for me because there would be less (bad mind people and negative vibez)Carnival is about togetherness and freedom -free up and PLAY DI MASSSSSSSSSSS AND GET ON BAD BUT DONT MASH UP MEH YARD!!!!!!

Thank you

Partyanimal said...

I have been to the mas camp, twice after registering myself and each time I go,I like the costume more and more. I really like salt fish now, and marahjin. I would play in any section. But I already go sasa yeah:). I really think CNZ did a great job this year, like every year. Cannot wait for caribana.

Unknown said...

I know I'm late commenting, but I just had to put in my little two cents! I was the 3rd or so person in line at the mas camp on the first day of reg. because I know that after playing mas with CNz for the past 5 years that if you want your first or even your second choice of costume that you have to get there early. That's just the way it is. It's no different from playing mas in T&T. The mas camp opened up just after 6pm and I was there from 2:30! My girl was the FIRST person in line after getting there at 1pm...she was not making joke!

I agree that they could have handled the line issue better. The year that they handed out numbers was one of the smoothest years for reg. so I don't know why they didn't do it again this year. The chaos started once they let people in to get out of the rain. That's when people started congregating in the lobby and the line no longer existed.

But the people who were there to register need to accept some of the blame as well. Once people got inside it was every man for himself. Come on now. You know you were 20th in line, where are you going pushing people to get to the front? Stay in line, have some behavior and wait your turn.

I didn't like D'Birdie section so I don't know what happened with it, although I'm not surprised that it sold out. My girls and I reg. for Jean & Dinah. It was between that and Drunk & Dis. We knew those were going to be popular sections so we were prepared to have backup choices just in case.

If it's true that people were able to register multiple ppl who had never played mas with CNz then that's wrong. That shouldn't have been able to happen. But I had no problem reg. myself because I'm a loyal member and I was only registering for me. One of my girls did register her cousin from overseas who had never played with CNz, but it was just 1 person, and she's also a loyal member. There should have been a limit on the # of ppl you could reg. No one should have been able to reg. 10 ppl at a time unless they were all loyal members and just couldn't be there.

Also, the new mas camp only has one door going in and out. Not good for the first couple days of registration. Again, people with no behavior were pushing and shoving to get inside while the 1 security guy tried to make room for people to exit. It was an ugly scene.

All in all, I think CNz's presentation looks good. It's among one of the best I've seen so far this year, especially when it comes to sticking to the theme.

Now let's hope they pull a nice high number for the parade so I don't have to be rushing from downtown to go and bathe and change and head to Wild Water Kingdom to see Machel!

Anonymous said...

Got your wish. You're 7th.
Thank goodness I registered with another band.

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