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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Carib2Kwine - recap

Another Caribana season has come & gone, you are just starting to go through what pictures you want to upload, and it's 15°. *Sigh*

Carib2Kwine lived up to it's name... the whining started early, when a Carnival Nationz section sold out at their launch, causing many admirers to vent they felt that practice was unfair. I personally wasn't wowed by Secret Garden at the launch. Denise alone modeled it, doing a very quick pass on stage. When I saw it close up on their website, and then on the road however, I could see the special details that the costume had.

There was a huge collective whine heard from Hamilton devotees when they realized their Carnival wasn't happening. I know I really missed Mardigras this year, it just wasn't the same without it. I just hope 2010 sees the return of Hamilton Carnival.

Then I had something to whine about on costume pick up day when I discovered the Tembu Warrior headpiece was downsized. I could then think of much better things I needed to do the day before the parade than watch for 1+ hour the male Crees of Canada costumes being glued together.

On the positive side, security seemed better this year, and we got to the end with Saldenah without any stormers. I know CNz had a fence for most of the route, but once they reached the gate, security dropped it, & stormers made their way in. I'm not sure about the effectiveness of that gate.

I was pleased with my costume, it held up well for our las lap 2 weeks later. Most all of my face gems stayed on this year, so I know they didn't last year because of the downpour (I used the same eyelash glue). This was my busiest year with the blog, with many new readers and lots of comments. Whether you found your way here from Trinidad Carnival Diary (thanks Saucy!), or Carib101 (big up Grant & Bryant), sometime before August 1, we past 30,000 hits!

So now that Caribana & (Barrie) Carnival are over, Karabanablogspot will be on hiatus until next season. Thanks everyone for reading, commenting & saying hi at the Caribana events.
In the meantime, be sure to check out fellow local bloggers De Cocoa Panyol and Nurse Karen who's blogs are about a mix of many things or about West Indian culture, including soca and Caribana.


Anonymous said...

What is the song in your video? And you look awesome again lol.

Toronto Girl said...

For this year Caribana, I had the Best time! I have been playing Mas in Toronto since 1999 and truly felt the ROAD WAS MINE (especially after the stage when the adrenaline is still pumping). I played with Nationz as I have for 5 years. Yes they had the fence and security, and yes it was effective and it lasted majority of the route. I am pleased to see a band continuing to be innovative and evolving. I thank them for my experience and I CAN'T WAIT TO SUPPORT THEM IN 2010!

Karabana said...

Anon, We Like It - Iwer George.
Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine Wine We Like It
Thanks a lot! ;-)

this too will pass said...

nice blog; some pics from London carnival on mine

Karabana said...

Thanks This too will pass & your pictures are terrific!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kara. My bf originally heard it at the parade and he loved it, but we couldn't even find a name lol. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara, I have a quick question.

If I were to get a costume, custom made for me, would I be able to wear it for Caribana?

Just brainstorming a bit...

Karabana said...

Yes Anon you can wear any costume at Caribana. Can't cross the stage at the judging point though. If certain bands are particular about only masqueraders from their band jumping in with them, they may put you out.

Anonymous said...

So how do you get on the parade route if you can't skip the judging stage? Is there another way in?

Karabana said...

Yes, all along the route there are barricades, but people jump them, get themselves in. Infamous stormers.
If you're in costume though you'll be let into the entrance. Most bands won't allow a non-band member to go before the judges.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, thank you for answering my question. I'd love for a custom costume next year...hrm, I guess I'll wait and see.

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