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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mas Toronto Out of Many...One Toronto band launch

No shortage of bright feathers here. Very full pretty headpieces.

GreeceLike the Grecian helmet style headpiece.

More well made theme appropriate headpieces.

JapanStrong impact on stage, powerful purple, & lots of nice details.


Multicultural Fantasy

My favourite of the Multicultural Fantasy costumes. Very pretty mauve & silvery grey costume, but I wouldn't go with orange, yellow & blue in the tail feathers & in the headpiece.

Mas Toronto has been in the game for 25+ years. They've always been known as the theme band, and they go beyond bikini mas. They know to not be afraid to design to the theme, so fabric & cloth used in Greece (like a toga), Japan (kimono), Philippines (sarong), India (sari) and Egypt (cape) works well. Four of my costume guesses were correct, and I'm pleased to see Egypt, it's a strong costume.

I applaud Mas Toronto for keeping their costume prices to $150. I'm having a hard time with the price increase to $175 most other bands have gone with. From what people have said to me, I think Mas Toronto is going to gain masqueraders who don't want to pay $25 more for a skimpier costume.

The launch at the Pickering Rec. Ctr. drew a decent size crowd of old and young - just like who their costumes cater to. The crowd was dancing up to the stage at 11:20 before the costumes came on, and they continued after wards.


Tara said...

Kara nice photo work again :)

I like the first 3 Mexico, Greece and Egypt - you can instantly see the theme shine through. Kudos to Mas Toronto for offering more affordable well made costumes in many different options to suit everyone!

Anonymous said...

I was pretty impressed at how they stuck to the theme and the costumes looked well made and that there was alot of thought put into it.


Its great to see a band not afraid to go past bikini mas, fantastic

Anonymous said...

What you continue to see is quality and not quantity... Theme is tradition lost to bikini and beads.. some say Ole Skool but I see a few going back to fabric; check them out...Big up to the Mas Toronto Massive.Judges ah hope yuh ready!!!! Selection Comm. pick dem right...

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